Rainbow Six: Siege, 5v5, SingleElimination, Manual accept

R6 Nordic Championship - S1 R1 (PC)

Tournament is finished!


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Official R6 Nordic Championship - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Due to an overwhelming number of sign ups, a group stage is played before ending with a single elimination bracket!
Please visit R6-NC-info on discord for more info!
Groups are hosted on Toornament: CLICK HERE!


8 Teams - 400€ - 1st Place: 300€ - 2nd Place: 100€

12 Teams - 700€ - 1st Place: 350€ - 2nd Place: 175€ - 3rd+4th Place: 88€

16 Teams - 900€ - 1st Place: 450€ - 2nd Place: 225€ - 3rd+4th Place: 113€

20 Teams - 1100€ - 1st Place: 550€ - 2nd Place: 275€ - 3rd+4th Place: 138€

24 Teams - 1200€ - 1st Place: 600€ - 2nd Place: 300€ - 3rd+4th Place: 150€

32 Teams - 1300€ - 1st Place: 650€ - 2nd Place: 325€ - 3rd+4th Place: 163€

Season Finals - 2000€ - 1st Place: 1000€ - 2nd Place: 500€ - 3rd+4th Place: 250€

Map Veto will be done on www.mapban.eu, Discord, or In-game chat.

No one is streaming this tournament right now…

R6 Nordic Championship - 2019 Rules

All teams have to have at least 3 Nordic citizens on the team (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland). The 4th and 5th member can be a European citizen.

To qualify for being a Nordic citizen, you must have a passport from a Nordic country and a bank account in the same country.


You have to be 13+ years old to participate in the tournament.


If you’re between 13 and 15 years old, you need consent from your parents.

Have one your parents send a mail to competition.nordic@ubisoft.com

(must be sent from your parents email)

The email must include:

Your Name, Age, Country, Uplay name

Subject: R6NC Consent

Or use this link to email us


Using any account, other than your own main account, is under no circumstances allowed. If detected the player will be banned from the tournament and future tournaments.



It's important that a screenshot is taken (F12) of the scoreboard and uploaded when reporting the score!


Please note that your team have to contact the opponent team, in order to invite them to the match. The team with the higher seed (lower number in the bracket) gets the host right.

The match must start no later than 15 minutes after it is shown in the bracket. If an opponent team is not ready to play after 15 minutes, then they should be reported as a no show to an admin on discord.gg/UbisoftNordic.


All matches will be played with 5 players per team.


It is only allowed to substitute a player before the match starts. If the match is started (picking operator and spawn points) all 5 players of a team must play the game till the end. It is possible to switch players in a Bo3 between the maps.


Format: PC
8-32 teams: Brackets will be Bo1 double elimination
32+ teams: Group stage with 4 teams in each. Winners (+2nd if no more than 64 teams) progress to Bo1 single elimination bracket.
Finals will be Bo3.



You will have to make a custom game and invite the opponents with the following settings:



Matched have to be played with the following settings (Different agreements are not allowed):



Playlist Type: Normal Mode

Server Type: Dedicated Server

Voice Chat: Team Only

Time of the Day: Day

HUD Settings: Pro League


Match Settings:

Number of bans: 4

Ban timer: 20

Number of Rounds: 12

Attacker/Defender Role Swap: 6

Overtime: 3

Overtime Score Difference: 1 [If BO1] / 2 [If BO3]

Overtime Role Change: 1

Objective Rotation Parameter: 2

Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played

Attacker Unique Spawn: On

Pick Phase Timer: 15 [20 for the final]

6th Pick Phase: On

6th Pick Phase Timer: 15


Reveal Phase Timer: 5

Damage Handicap: 100

Friendly Fire Damage: 100

Injured: 20

Sprint: On

Lean: On

Death Replay: Off



Game Mode: TDM Bomb:

Plant Duration: 7

Defuse Duration: 7

Fuse Time: 45

Defuser Carrier Selection: On

Preparation: 45

Action: 180



All Operator are allowed to use (DLC allowed).

With the exception of Lion, Kaid and Nomad, which are not allowed.

(6th pick can be used if one by mistake chose one)

If a round starts with one of the banned operators, the team loses the round.


Map pool:



Club House





Ban phase: T1 ban - T2 ban - T1 ban - T2 ban - T1 ban - T2 ban - T1 choose side




Winning Team Captain will report their team’s score and upload a screenshot of scoreboard.



MOnitor System Status (MOSS) is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player cannot use MOnitor System Status (MOSS), then they are not allowed to take part in a match.


MOnitor System Status (MOSS) is an anti-cheat software provided for free by http://nohope.eu/. This anti-cheat software scans your system and gathers random screenshots and other informations from your game while recording, such as Macros usage including keys, timing, deviation and usage count. MOSS gathers all these info onto a zip file, which is gonna be added on your computer. You will have to be able to provide the zip file, if so required by an admin.


All players must keep their MOSS files until the end of the tournament (normally the following Tuesday evening).

No Show:
If a team is not ready to play 15 minutes after both teams have an opponent, they should be reported as a no show to an admin: www.discord.gg/ubisoftnordic #tournament-support

Ping limit:
The ping limit for a match is 100 ms. If a player is over this value, a re-host must be done. If the ping is still above the limit, the team must be reported to an admin: www.discord.gg/ubisoftnordic #tournament-support

You as a player can ask for a re-host if your ping is above the limit or get a connection error. Please note if the round has started (from first second of the prep phase) a re-host cannot be done before the end of the round.
If a re-hosting is needed, each player need to choose the same settings as they picked at the start of the round.

1st place
2nd place
3rd place