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Frossa Weekly - Valorant #3

Tournament is finished!


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1st place

Welcome to Spelfrossa Weekly!

To join this tournament you and your teammates needs to register an account, and create a team.

Single Elimination
32 Bracket 
BO1 except the grand final which is BO3


Starttime 18:00 CET

No one is streaming this tournament right now…

Spelfrossa Valorant Rules Single


Spelfrossa Valorant Tournament Rules


Quick Summary


● 32 teams in total & 5 members in each team.

● Single Elimination

● Matches will be played best of one, only the grand final will be played in bo3.

● Every player is allowed to stream their POV, we recommend to put 60 seconds or more delay.

● Streamers will preferably have “Spelfrossa Tournament” in their streaming title.

● All players must be members in the Spelfrossa discord to take part in news, rulesets, updates etc.

● Each team have 10 minutes to join the game lobby and start the veto after they got a new game in the bracket. An extra 10 minute break can be asked for before the tournament final. But that's the only exception to this rule. If not followed teams can be disqualified. 




                    ● Lower team in the bracket creates the custom game.

                    ● Upper team in the bracket bans the first map.

                    ● Lower team bans the second map.

                    ● The map that's leftover gets played.

        ● Upper team gets to choose whether to start as attackers or       





                    ● Upper team in the bracket picks the first map.

                    ● Lower team picks the second map.

                    ● The map that's leftover gets played last.

                    ● When the upper teams map is being played the lower team chooses            


        ● Loser of the second game gets to pick side in the third game.


Tournament Format 


● 32 bracket & Single Elimination

● All games are BO1 except the grand final which is BO3.


Ingame Rules


● Players will start a custom game lobby, with cheats off.

● In case of a Valorant server crash the admins may rule to restart the match, if this happens make sure to contact support in the discord.

● Games will not be restarted if individual players have internet, hardware, latency or peripheral issues. Exceptions to this rule may be granted if the issue is identified in the first three rounds of the game. This can only be decided by the admins.

● Admins decisions are always final and they have the power to decide each specific case rulings. 


Code of conduct


● Every participant is required to behave with respect towards Spelfrossa Staff & Other participants. 

●  Treat others the way you want to be treated.

●  No racism, No malicious behaviour, No hate speech, No verbal abuse of any kind, No spamming, No sexual harassment or gender discrimination.

●  Stream-sniping of any kind is NOT allowed, even though it’s the streamers responsibility to stream with at least 60 seconds delay.


Exploits | Cheating


● Any kind of exploiting/glitching/bugging/cheating which can affect the match itself is NOT ALLOWED. 

● Examples of this could be: Cypher cameras where you see through walls which your not supposed to be able to see through. Omen teleports outside of the map. 

● Links of exploit examples at the bottom of the page.

● If you want to file a report against a team or player you must provide a clip/vod that's at least two minutes long and covers the whole round. If you want to file a report against a player or a team. First play out the whole game then contact admins ASAP after the game and provide video evidence within 10 minutes and wait for admins decision.


Match Score Reporting


● After the match has been completed, each team needs to verify the winners of the game.

● If the results each team has provided are not the same both teams will then have to send in a screenshot of the scoreboard to the tournament admins. 


Stand-In Rules


● Each team are allowed to use one stand in during the tournament. 

● The stand-in has to be a member of the team on Esen’s website.

● Before using a stand-in you have to inform the tournament admins.


Cypher Glitch Examples :


Rules made by:


Simon Bengtsson & Theo Andrén

1st place
5x 500kr Inet Giftcards