TONIGHT! Sweden with Begrip Gaming have a chance to grab the championship title🏆

Tonight, Sweden is going for the championship title. Something only 4 teams have succeeded with in KoN history. It won't be easy. All the other countries have qualified top players from their respective national leagues.

Sweden has a defending team that got picked up by Begrip Gaming a legendary esports organisation. Something that only happened once before with Redreserve who won 12 times in a row in 2017.

The Danish team FASTLOSE that won 6 times in season 14 is back trying to win the throne.

A special NOTE! Since we changed the prize money system while Sweden was still on the throne. We are going to honor the prize money as they were expecting when they signed up. So if they win tonight they won't loose on the new system. They win €4000€ that was the old system including jackpot plus 5 pcs of WD_Black P50 Game Drive 500 GB SSD. And if they lose they leave KoN with €1000 for the two first weeks and $1250 for the third week.

Prepare for ruthless battles between the Nordic countries tonight 18:45 CET on
SCHEDULE S15E03 2020-02-28:
18:45 Denmark vs Finland
20:15 Norway vs TBD
21:30 Sweden vs TBD
Jesper "kREATIV" Sedendahl | Gustav "Kronvall" Kronvall
🇸🇪TEAM SWEDEN: (@BegripGaming)
Victor "ALONSO" Alonso
Ludvig "HEAP" Alonso
David "Jayzwalkingz" Kempner
Pontus "PONKUS" Wahlqvist
Olle "spooke" Grundström

Mathias "mathio" Nornes
Steffen "sly" amundsen
Jesper "Jimbo" Kamsrud
Bjørnar "bfr" Fauske Røn
Sigurd "MV" Schmidt-Hanssen

Kasper "Celebrations" Damgaard
Frederik "Fessor" Sørensen
Max "RYTTER" Rytter
Ali "Babalicious" Ahmed
Thomas "TMB" Bundsbæk

🇫🇮TEAM FINLAND: ooooogeiiiiii
Niko ''Nksu'' Luhaniemi
Aleksi ''zks'' Nissinen
Joona ''Sm1llee'' Holmström
Niilo ''Nipa'' Ketokulta
Peter ''phiit'' Malin

4TB WD_BLACK™ P10 Game Drive and store your favourite games in…/5702/king-of-nordic-wd-p10-kampanj
King of Nordic Wiki @Liquipedia:

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