It's time for ESEN, the studio behind "King of Nordic" to release a new tournament to their collection - this time it's on Rocket League.



Qualifier 1 → Tuesday, October 30th (Done)

Qualifier 2 → Tuesday, November 6th (Done)

Qualifier 3 → Tuesday, November 13th (Done)

Qualifier 4 → Tuesday, November 20th

Playoffs → Saturday, November 24th


Rocket League is an easy game to understand due to the format of the game:
1 ball, 2 goals, 6 players (3 vs 3) with 6 powerful cars that use boost and springs in order to fly to the roof of the arena to make a pass to their teammate.
Rocket League is a pure concentrations of skill, fun and entertainment

Information about the tournament:


This qualifier will be structured with 4 qualifiers, leading to a playoffs session
The qualifier is being played with a double elimination bracket - which generates a upper and lower bracket depending on win/loss.
In each of the qualifiers there is going to be 2 teams advancing to the playoff (Winner of lower and upper bracket)
In the qualifiers the matches are going to be played BO3 with the Finale BO5.
In the playoff the matches are going to be played BO5 with the Finale BO7.


Prize pool (Playoff)

The prize pool contains of gift cards from Kinguin which gives you the opportunity to buy currency for the platform you’re playing.

1st - $300
2nd - $150
3rd - $75

See you on the field ;)


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