Do you have what it takes to become KoN Champion and win the EUR 5000

After eleven seasons, 118 finals, thousands of players participating every season. King of Nordic is returning with Season 12 on Friday 3rd of August. Join us in our tournament and follow our stream every Friday to experience the thrill of great Counter-Strike, fredagsmys, honorbet and to discover the stars of tomorrow.

King of Nordic
King of Nordic "KoN" is an open Nordic championship with national qualifier tournaments in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, which ends with a live weekly finale between the countries. The final format is "King of the hill" which means that the winning nation remains on the throne as a champion in anticipation of next week's challenger. The ruling champions increase their prize pool every week and present a bigger and more prestigious goal for the other contestant nations.

National tournaments
Every week there are national tournaments in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland where 500-800 players participate. The team that wins the national tournament represents their country in the live King of Nordic weekly finals where the countries meet.

Price Money
King of Nordic offers a maximum prize pool of EUR 10.000 per season. Every week the winning team wins EUR 500. If the team wins five consecutive weeks, a jackpot of EUR 2.500 will be paid. A doubling of already earned prize money. This motivates the rulers to stay in the tournament until they win the jackpot. A nation can maximally rule for five weeks.

Stars of tomorrow
The goal of King of Nordic is to bridge the gap between amateur and pro. To offer an opportunity for players to move from zero to hero, to compete continuously, organize and create new teams. King of Nordic gives teams and talented players that opportunity. Several of today's great stars have passed the tournament on their way to become pro.

Honorbet league
It is more fun and exciting to watch a match when you have predicted a result with the other viewers. So in order to make it more entertaining to watch King of Nordic we introduced our own concept “Honorbet League” for each season, were you can place a bet in the Twitch chat of the exact match result for each match. Then we gather up the result in a score board and publish it. Each season we are reseting the score board and start over. You can not win any money or skins. It is only for fun and honor.

Congratulations to mou22y for winning the second season in a row. Here are the final result of Honorbet Season 11

National Tournament Partners
In order be close to the community we have national tournament partners who hold the right to host the King of Nordic in each country. In Norway, this is done by, Norway's largest media agency for gaming and esport. In Sweden, it is managed by Swedish Pro League (SPL) founded by Jesper "JW" Wecksell and Christian “Chrille” Lindberg with over 7.000 active players in their league. In Denmark we work with the oldest esport site in Denmark and the people behind Copenhagen Games. In Finland, we do it together with the biggest CS:GO Community

How to join
Season 12 will start Friday the 3rd August. Players that are interested in participating in the tournament should contact respective national qualifier partner as soon as possible. Normally the qualifiers are done between Saturday - Tuesdays
Sweden SPL
Finland CSGO Finland

Official partners:
We are happy to announce that SAMSUNG Curved Gaming Monitor and Logitech G continues to support King of Nordic in our aim to build the stars of tomorrow and strengthen nordic esports.

Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset SWEDEN: NORWAY: DENMARK: FINLAND:

Samsung Curved Gaming Monitor: SWEDEN: NORWAY: DENMARK: FINLAND:

Official rules and information:
Information about King of Nordic Season 12 starting 2018-08-03, running for 10 episodes (Will be updated soon. Basicly same rules)

Preliminary schedule:
S12E01 2018-08-03
S12E02 2018-08-10
S12E03 2018-08-17
S12E04 2018-08-24
S12E05 2018-08-31
S12E06 2018-09-07
S12E07 2018-09-14
S12E08 2018-09-21
S12E09 2018-09-28
S12E10 2018-10-05

Prize distribution:
1st time as King of Nordic: 500 EUR
2nd time in a row as King of Nordic: 500 EUR
3rd time in a row as King of Nordic: 500 EUR
4th time in a row as King of Nordic: 500 EUR
5th time in a row as King of Nordic: 500 EUR + 2500 EUR Jackpot (Maximum win-streak possible)

More information:

Press contact:
Joakim Stenberg:, CEO
Tournament contact: Jonathan “Hirosawa” Grotzinger:, Head of Esport About

About ESEN
ESEN eSports ESEN eSports AB is Sweden's first public company that is one hundred percent focused on esports. ESEN is one of Sweden's biggest streaming company covering esports and gaming. The company produces large esport tournaments, like King of Nordic from their independent production studio in Stockholm and creates and stream tournaments from events like DreamHack, Copenhagen Games and the computer festival Birdie. For more information please go to:



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